• Treatment of different Paediatric and Paediatric Infectious diseases, which includes:
  1. Common illnesses of Newborn
  2. Illness of Respiratory System
  3. Illness of Digestive System
  4. Illness of Urogenital System
  5. Different Infectious Diseases
  • Health Care and Education of Children
  1. Assessment of Growth Development
  2. Vaccine Injection
  3. Infant food supplement, feeding guidance and nutrition counseling
  4. Healthy Daily Schedule Advice
  5. Child Protection and Environment Safety

Paediatric Surgery

  • Children Enuresis and Incontinence care
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy in Children
  • Gastroscopy /OGD
  • Paediatric Gastroenterology
  • Paediatric Urodynamics and Urotherapy